vendredi 12 août 2011

Cécile Doo-Kingué en tournée dans l'Ouest

Go West, my child!

Wishing you the greatest!

Discovering Home tour, a trek to visit and discover every Canadian province and territory while I await my citizenship. And what better way to better introduce myself than through what I do best: music. Chapter I consists of a series of 21 shows in 24 days throughout Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British-Columbia. Joining me on the maiden voyage Tricia Foster on bass and Eric Thibodeau on drums. Send us your family, friends, pets, herds, anything that won't eat eat us in the woods or mountains... If you or they live anywhere we're stopping, I want to say 'hey'!

Come meet your new neighbour, I sure want to meet you… Make me Canadian!


Thursday, Aug. 11: Loplops, Sault Ste. Marie, ON
Friday, Aug. 12: Apollo Theatre, Thunder Bay, ON
Saturday, Aug. 13: Le Garage Cafe, Winnipeg, MB
Sunday, Aug 14: The Exchange, Regina, SK
Monday, Aug. 15: Prairie Ink , Saskatoon, SK (early show)
Monday, Aug 15: The Fez On Broadway, Saskatoon, SK
Wednesday, Aug. 17: Drake Inn, Canmore, AB
Thursday, Aug. 18: Mikey’s Juke Joint, Calgary, AB
Friday, Aug. 19: Whistle Stop Cafe, Jasper, AB
Saturday, Aug 20: Jeffrey’s Cafe & Wine Bar, EdMonton, AB
Sunday, Aug 21: The Slice, Lethbridge, AB
Monday, Aug 22: Wunderbar, EdMonton, AB
Wednesday, Aug 24: Rockwater Grill & Bar, Golden, BC
Thursday, Aug 25: Dream Cafe, Penticton, BC
Friday, Aug. 26: Shark Club, Vancouver, BC
Saturday, Aug. 27: Streaming Cafe, Kelowna, BC
Sunday, Aug 28: Glue Factory, Canmore, AB
Monday, Aug 29: Kergano's, Moose Jaw, SK
Tuesday, Aug 30; Cornerstone, Kenora, ON
Wednesday, Aug 31: Guest Suite, Pic River,ON
Thursday, Sept 1: Townehouse Tavern, Sudbury,ON
Saturday, Sept 3: Terrasse St-Ambroise, Montreal, QC

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